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Meister Werke Design + Technik (www.mwdesigntechnik.com) has been tuning European and exotic cars in Vancouver, BC for over a decade. Meister Werke is a German term that refers to the idea of perfection in automotive tuning, a masterpiece of a tuned vehicle. Founders Lewis Fan and Michael Wong have been enhancing cars since 1999 during the E36 and E46 BMW era and have consistently challenged themselves to build creative projects such as full custom widebody conversions or to try and be the first to utilize certain parts in their project builds. MWDesign specializes in tuning for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Bentley and all major auto marques and carries top tuners such as Modulare Wheels, DPEngineering, AC Schnitzer, Techart, Eisenmann, Novitec and more.
To achieve the highest level of standard, owners Lewis Fan and Michael Wong are extremely attentive to detail on each automotive project. Whether it is a simple accenting color choice , change in finish or even a small curvature both pay attention to the subtle nuances in a car that many would overlook. Both Michael and Lewis come from business and design backgrounds so their overall vision for modifying automobiles combines a unique individual flare without sacrificing quality or elegance. MWDesign’s style strives to build stylishly aggressive and powerful vehicles for a mature audience as they tune many vehicles for executive and corporate clientele where extremely ostentatious modifications may be frowned upon.
MWDesign’s style of tuning is defined as CONCEPTuning. This style of tuning utilizes the power of rendering programs such as Photoshop to create a digital mock up of the proposed modifications to the car even before a single part is ordered. This ensures that the vehicle theme is entirely suitable before beginning the project and also ensures that the style and level of quality satisfies the client’s specifications. The fundamental vision of MWDesign is to create cohesively modified cars that can be extremely aggressive but still feel like they could have been built by the original manufacturer in terms of quality of execution. On the fly changes that are suggested during the project build can also be updated and sent to the client so the change can be seen rather than being visualized in your head. Straying from traditional tuner’s approaches of simply showing magazines or stock photos when attempting a build, MWDesign focuses on designing and creating bespoke, tailored tuning packages to each client’s specific vehicle and tastes without any of the guesswork.
MWDesign’s unique business structure allows them to design project cars and supply aftermarket goods internationally. They currently have clients in Canada, USA, Asia, Dubai and parts of Europe with local tuning service available in Vancouver Canada, Calgary Canada and Hong Kong. Cars can also be shipped to Vancouver, BC to have work performed.

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