Strömen International Jaguar XJL
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(from Stromen Press Release)  STRÖMEN International is proud to introduce the Ö7-S multipiece forged concave wheel for the 2012 Jaguar XJL. The wheel features an industry first centercap called the CHRÖNOS centercap, …

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SIHH 2011 Panerai Releases!! 47mm is the new 44

Submitted by on January 17, 2011 – 3:24 AM4 Comments

The team at MWDesign Technik definitely loves their Panerai’s! While SIHH 2011 is underway, we have seen the highlights for the Panerai new releases. All we can say is WOW! Panerai has executed exemplary use of aged and patina-ed luminova, cracked leather, weathered bronze, tobacco composite, lightweight titanium and ceramic in this year’s novelties.

Panerai 386 44mm Composite (Tobacco colored)

Radiomir Ceramic 8 Days Power Reserve 45mm

Panerai 382 Bronzo Submersible 47mm

Panerai 375 Luminor Composite 47mm 3 Days Power Reserve

Radiomir 373 Platinum 47mm

Panerai 372 Luminor 1950 3 Days Power Reserve

Panerai 345 Destro MonoPoussante 44mm

Panerai 368 1950 Destro 47mm

This year’s new releases are all fantastic. The 368 47mm is a great alternative to the discontinued 217 Destro whereas the 372 takes the original “Fiddy” to the next level. It adds a better vintage font and aged luminova, 3 day power reserve (P3000 in house movement) and a warm vintage 3mm plexiglass domed crystal.

Anyone who has ever wondered what a PVD coated 127 1950 has somewhat of an answer with the new tobacco composite 375. Definitely an amazing piece!

Panerai’s newly released sueded leather strap for many of the 2011 and 2011 Boutique specialties is a great looking strap. It will definitely be a great custom order piece to compliment any current Radiomir, Luminor or 1950 cased Panerai that you may currently own.

The “Bronzo” finish on the submersible is groundbreaking for Panerai and is definitely a very special one. Paired with Panerai’s first green dial, it is most definitely a stunner.

2011 is definitely a year full of fantastic releases. 47mm is most DEFINITELY the new 44! Panerai has made it’s diehard fans wait many years in agony for 47mm 1950 cases with the low production and discontinued 47mm 1950′s including the impossible to get 203, 127, 217 and 276 tourbillon. The sheer excitement of seeing 47mm 1950 cases available this year almost makes one forget about the great 44 and 45mm releases.

Normally it is pretty easy to call your top pieces but this year it is extremely difficult to pick as every single release is a winner.

If we had to pick only one, it would have to be the 372. A total “DNA” piece down to the plexi!

Download the SIHH press release here:

2011 Panerai site:

Source |, and a special thanks to Jay Pulli for the early reviews and SIHH press kit